Clothes Lines India

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Clotheslines India, Folding clotheslines India, Clothes Dryer India, Retractable Clotheslines India, Clothes Airer India

Clotheslines India

Clotheslines India
Folding Frame Clothelines

Robust wall brackets, line concealment sleeves and telescopic struts ensure we deliver elegant style and dependable operation.... more...

Rotary Clotheslines

An intutive latch system, precision winding mechanism and finely balanced arm design make Hills Rotary the easiest to use hoists on the market . ... more..

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Rotary 6

Large 6-line capacity. 34m line. Holds double size sheets. Suits a large family wash. more...
Extenda 4

4 lines extend easily and retract neatly out of sight. more...
Supa Fold Mini Line

Smaller size frame is perfect for indoor and outdoor drying. 7m line. more...
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Supa Fold Mono

Medium size single folding frame clothesline. 21m line. Ideal for compact spaces. more....
Supa Fold Compact Line

Medium size single folding frame clothesline. 13m line. Ideal for compact spaces. more...
Supa Fold Long Line

Long narrow frame for large drying capacity in tight spaces. 20m line. more...

Welcome to Clotheslines India

We are in the sales, repairs and installations of clotheslines, and pride ourselves on being the first company to distribute in India.

Our extensive clothesline range is complemented by a variety of indoor/outdoor products. Our huge range of quality products can be customised to suit any area of your home/commercial premise, no matter how large or small. We are also able to deliver to all Indian cities for one low price.

To view or purchase from our vast range of products, please email us. We will get back to you soon. We look forward to being able to help you get the right products for your home. Feel free to contact us at


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